Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2011 Oscar Charts: Week One

It's pretty much guess work right now, but here's what I'm currently thinking for Oscar nominations. As usual, 3 of these will be right next January.

Best Picture:
1. War Horse (Director: Steven Spielberg)
2. J. Edgar (Director: Clint Eastwood)
3. The Descendants (Director: Alexander Payne)
4. Midnight in Paris (Director: Woody Allen)
5. A Dangerous Method (Director: David Cronenberg)
6. The Help (Director: Tate Taylor)
7. The Tree of Life (Director: Terrence Malick)
8. The Ides of March (Director: George Clooney)
9. The Artist (Director: Michael Hazanavicius)
10. Hugo (Director: Martin Scorsese)
11. Super 8 (Director: J.J. Abrams)
12. Martha Marcy May Marlene (Director: Sean Durkin)
13. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Director: Tomas Alfredson)
14. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (Director: Stephen Daldry)
15. Carnage (Director: Roman Polanski)
16. The Iron Lady (Director: Phyllida Lloyd)
17. We Bought a Zoo (Director: Cameron Crowe)
18. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Director: David Fincher)
19. Like Crazy (Director: Drake Doremus)
20. My Week With Marilyn (Director: Simon Curtis)

Best Director:
1. Steven Spielberg, War Horse
2. Clint Eastwood, J. Edgar
3. Alexander Payne, The Descendants
4. Terrence Malick, The Tree of Life
5. Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris
6. David Cronenberg, A Dangerous Method
7. Martin Scorsese, Hugo
8. George Clooney, The Ides of March
9. Tomas Alfredson, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
10. Roman Polanski, Carnage
11. Stephen Daldry, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
12. Michael Hazanavicius, The Artist
13. Tate Taylor, The Help
14. David Fincher, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
15. J.J. Abrams, Super 8
16. Sean Durkin, Martha Marcy May Marlene
17. Phyllida Lloyd, The Iron Lady
18. Cameron Crowe, We Bought a Zoo
19. Drake Doremus, Like Crazy
20. Simon Curtis, My Week With Marilyn

Best Lead Actor:
1. George Clooney, The Descendants
2. Leonardo DiCaprio, J. Edgar
3. Michael Fassbender, A Dangerous Method
4. Jean DuJardin, The Artist
5. Gary Oldman, Tinker Tailor Solider Spy
6. Ryan Gosling, The Ides of March
7. Michael Shannon, Take Shelter
8. Matt Damon, We Bought a Zoo
9. Anton Yelchin, Like Crazy
10. John C. Reilly, Carnage
11. Owen Wilson, Midnight in Paris
12. Paul Giamatti, Win Win
13. Woody Harrelson, Rampart
14. Demian Bichir, A Better Life
15. Jeremy Irvine, War Horse
16. Antonio Banderas, The Skin That I Inhabit
17. Brad Pitt, Moneyball
18. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 50/50
19. Christoph Waltz, Carnage
20. Daniel Craig, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Best Lead Actress:
1. Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady
2. Elizabeth Olsen, Martha Marcy May Marlene
3. Glenn Close, Albert Nobbs
4. Keira Knightley, A Dangerous Method
5. Emma Stone, The Help
6. Jodie Foster, Carnage
7. Felicity Jones, Like Crazy
8. Michelle Williams, My Week With Marilyn
9. Andrea Riseborough, W.E.
10. Tilda Swinton, We Need to Talk About Kevin
11. Rooney Mara, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
12. Michelle Williams, Take This Waltz
13. Kirsten Dunst, Melancholia
14. Charlize Theron, Young Adult
15. Kristen Wiig, Bridesmaids
16. Anne Hathaway, One Day
17. Scarlett Johansson, We Bought a Zoo
18. Viola Davis, The Help
19. Kate Winslet, Carnage
20. Charlotte Rampling, The Eye of the Storm

Best Supporting Actor:
1. Christopher Plummer, Beginners
2. Viggo Mortensen, A Dangerous Method
3. Jim Broadbent, The Iron Lady
4. Niels Arestrup, War Horse
5. Corey Stoll, Midnight in Paris
6. Kenneth Branagh, My Week With Marilyn
7. Ben Kingsley, Hugo
8. John Hawkes, Martha Marcy May Marlene
9. Christoph Waltz, Carnage
10. Brad Pitt, The Tree of Life
11. John C. Reilly, We Need to Talk About Kevin
12. Philip Seymour Hoffman, The Ides of March
13. Josh Lucas, J. Edgar
14. Ezra Miller, We Need to Talk About Kevin
15. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Moneyball
16. Geoffrey Rush, The Eye of the Storm
17. Armie Hammer, J. Edgar
18. Tom Hardy, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
19. John C. Reilly, Carnage
20. Jonah Hill, Moneyball

Best Supporting Actress:
1. Octavia Spencer, The Help
2. Viola Davis, The Help
3. Marisa Tomei, Ides of March
4. Mia Wasikowska, Albert Nobbs
5. Shailene Woodley, The Descendants
6. Kate Winslet, Carnage
7. Naomi Watts, J. Edgar
8. Emily Watson, War Horse
9. Judi Dench, My Week With Marilyn
10. Vanessa Redgrave, Coriolanus
11. Stephanie Szotak, We Bought a Zoo
12. Janet McTeer, Albert Nobbs
13. Zoe Caldwell, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
14. Carey Mulligan, Shame
15. Sandra Bullock, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
16. Judi Dench, J. Edgar
17. Anjelica Huston, 50/50
18. Andrea Riseborough, W.E.
19. Jodie Foster, Carnage
20. Melissa McCarthy, Bridesmaids

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