Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol - Season 8: Top 5

Tonight's American Idol is...Rat Pack Standards (aka Jazz Week...aka Big Band Week...aka Jamie Foxx? Really?)

Kris Allen "The Way You Look Tonight"
Great song choice. Great arrangement. Nice vocals. Simon's nuts for trying to sandbag him tonight.

Allison Iraheta "Someone to Watch Over Me"
Not as enthused about the song choice, but her vocals were good. Again, I'm not understanding why Simon would try to send the bus at her.

Matt Giraud "My Funny Valentine"
He was fine, but Melinda Doolittle's version of this song from two seasons back is untouchable. So points off for picking a song that someone already did it justice to.

Danny Gokey "Come Rain or Come Shine"
Awful song choice, good arrangement, decent vocals. By default the worst, but it was his best in a long time. That said, put the Go in Gokey please. Bleh.

Adam Lambert "Feeling Good"
I love this version by Muse, so I'm glad Adam went for it. His best "moment" of the season (better than "Mad World" I thought).

1. Adam
2. Kris
3. Allison
4. Matt
5. Danny

Bottom Three Predictions:
Allison, Kris and Matt. What Simon wants, he's going to get. So that means we'll see Allison and Matt again be in the bottom and Kris will finally join them. I suppose they could do "The Huff" this week by having someone be in the middle of two groups, but I doubt it. Kris will be safe (he seems to be getting more text votes than the other two), which will leave us with Allison and Matt.

Goodbye to...
Matt Giraud. I think Simon was nice to him, so his fans won't go crazy to vote for him. He wants him to leave on a high note, and that's what will happen. Better top 5 finish than top 7 (Matt deserves it over Lil and Anoop, but also over Danny, *sigh). There's a little part of me that's worried for Allison, since going second on top 5 night is the kiss of death (save for David Cook and Jordin Sparks, although that was a top 6 night, part deux and she was shiitttty that night with her lame attempt at rock with Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer"). Anyway, I doubt the last girl leaves this early, so she'll be #3. Goodbye Matt!

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